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5.0 out of 5 stars An alluring tale about the quest for power!

By RhonJer

T.L. Howard is in a league of her own as you will learn when you begin reading descriptions of her alluring characters. Each one springs to life upon introduction, hooking you into this fantasy tale. Howard provides exceptional attention to detail in this unique, magical adventure. Howard has written an amazing story with a plot different than any I have read of late - within this genre. I enjoy humor sprinkled into any read, but The Crystal Key has such an epic feel to it, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Teens and adults alike will enjoy this G-rated story that teaches the outcome of allowing power and greed to override faith. The Crystal Key is over six hundred pages, but the flow of writing and interesting characters keep the pace moving along quite rapidly. Descriptions of people, places, and the history of this fantasy world are vivid and richly engaging, keeping you rocking through the chapters. You get so immersed in this mystical story and lush, textured environment created by Howard, before you know it, it's over and you feel a loss from the setting and characters.

The Crystal Key offers readers anguish, excitement, and a desire for peace in this engaging struggle between good and evil. This author definitely stands out, and I hope to see more books from her soon.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome fantasy read that is rich with details

By Diana L (Midwest, USA) -(Amazon TOP 500 REVIEWER)   


This review is from: Corryn's Stone (Kindle Edition)

I bought this book to read while on vacation in Mexico. It definitely exceeded my expectations (which are fairly high). I read a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. As I often do, I went into this book “backwards” as I haven’t read the first book (The Crystal Key) yet but it is now on my reading list. I knew this author was in a league of her own when I read the descriptions of characters. Faldyn and Thelwyn sprang to life in my mind within a few minutes and then I was hooked solid. All the characters are richly detailed and the story was a pleasure to read, although it flew by way to fast. I hated seeing the end of the book fast approaching. If you like fast paced reads with exceptional attention to detail, put this book on your reading list. This author definitely stands out and I hope to see more books from her soon.

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5 Stars A riveting tale in the same class as David Eddings' The Belgariad

Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

The discovery of a false prophecy chronicled at the beginning of time unleashes a threat to mankind in the epic fantasy novel, The Final Choosing by T.L. Howard. Mirah, goddess Deceris's Chosen One, is on another quest to save the world from annihilation. When a Scholar in the first millennium discovered a fallacious prophecy, his fanatical attempts to fulfill it nearly brought about the extinction of the world. He was imprisoned and the prophecy hidden away. Now, many centuries later, another Scholar and follower of the god Belamon uncovers the heretical record. He is convinced it is ordained by the fates to declare Belamon the one and only god. Meanwhile, the goddess Deceris visits Mirah, and warns her of a dire threat to humanity and the world, and cryptically counsels her to find a book. Following Deceris's enigmatic warning, Mirah, with her husband Roenin, the Commander of the Knights of Deceris, and Samone, her Knight Practitioner, embark on an expedition in search of the obscure, ancient tome. Danger stalks Mirah and her entourage as they hasten to prevent the cessation of time. Can they succeed before it is too late?

The threat of impending universal doom is vibrantly portrayed in the exciting epic fantasy novel, The Final Choosing by T.L. Howard. It is a captivating saga with engaging characters set in a rustic and idyllic world, where elements of magic are deftly assimilated, giving it a natural place among the knights, lords, ladies, and prelates. The book has a fascinating concept regarding the two religions practiced by those in the story world, and the trinity-like idea is perceptive and thought-provoking. Light versus dark is prevalent in most epic fantasies, and this one is no different; except the evil didn't stem from a deity, but from man himself, which is refreshingly original. This is the third novel in a breathtaking saga series that will hopefully be followed by more. This riveting tale is in the same class as David Eddings' The Belgariad and fans of his series, along with those who enjoy thrilling epic fantasies, will not be able to resist this spellbinding story.

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