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The Final Choosing

Final book in the "World of Chiram" Series


Travel in the spring is lovely, unless you are racing against time to prevent a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

   From simple shopkeeper to Deceris’ Chosen to ruler of the nation of Decera, Mirah’s life has been anything but ordinary.  Now she must face her biggest challenge yet; an ancient prophecy brought to life by an old enemy who outwits her at every turn; a prophecy that could annihilate time itself.  But buried in that prophecy is a terrible truth; for the gods are not what they seem and the very core of human belief is about to be rewritten.

   With time running out and her own subjects acting against her, Mirah will have to listen to the voices of the dead and her own companions – instead of the god to whom she’s devoted her life – if she is to succeed.

Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award Winner

Corryn's Stone

Book Two in the "World of Chiram" Series


Mirah and Rasmun thought their work was done. The Choosing was accomplished and the world had been set right again. That is until Æyrebis, a mythical Caudex Anima and the same book that had driven Rasmun insane ten years ago, resurfaced. Unlike Mirah, Rasmun knows it isn’t merely sentient. He knows it harbors plans involving the ultimate destruction of humanity as the souls that comprise it strive to complete their long denied quest to become gods. The only thing that can stop Æyrebis is Corryn’s Stone, a stone of unfathomable power that opens a doorway into the heavens. 

2014 Reader's Favorite Award Winner

The Crystal Key


For Mirah, who has a mind of her own and a will far outweighing her slight stature, her home town of Bryston and her late father’s general supply shop was the world. Then came a simple knock on the door one cold, winter night following an exhausting day. Her only goal being to dismiss whoever it was so she could get to bed, she answered it. Unfortunately, the two Knights on the other side had orders from the Archprelate, the most powerful man in the world. In the blink of an eye, she’s ripped from the only life she’s known and riding headlong into a destiny for which she's not prepared. A destiny she shares with a man named Rasmun who seems bent on killing her.

     Through dark forests, scorching deserts, snow covered mountains, and cursed land, she and her Knight Protectors; the arrogant Commander Roenin, patient Colonel Alyen, and fiery, red-headed Captain Samone; first learn about then struggle to fulfill the demands of a secret held by the Temple for the last one thousand years. A secret that will not only change Mirah’s life forever, but the world as well.

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